Planning for Long-Term In Home Care & Family Communication

long term in home care

We want our parents to age well in our homes with us and good friends. So, most of us prefer in home care so our parents receive treatment and care without having to leave our homes. Aging gracefully needs planning so our parents walk into their twilight years on their own terms.

It’s not easy to discuss old age with our family since they might feel uncomfortable. It’s not easy discussing our parents’ health, their financial status or how all of us should prepare for the inevitable with our closed ones. But if we want to ensure good in home care, we can’t avoid discussing these issues.

When families have someone under treatment, planning ahead when there’s enough time is the key to providing good care for patients. Set aside enough time to discuss things with your parents, especially financial planning. Let’s see how you should go about things.


Meeting the Family

If you’re looking to share information and arrive at a consensus on issues that affect your aging parents, you need to call a family meeting so there are no impediments to in home care. Here’s why you should have a meeting with your family.


Why You Should Call a Family Meeting?

  • A senior’s physical or mental condition is worrying you
  • The living arrangements or the ability to self-care have you concerned. These are critical to providing quality care for patients
  • The state of finances worries you
  • A healthcare professional has shared concerns with you

When you are planning for in home care, you need to talk about finances no matter how difficult it may be. Here are things you need to know.


Planning the Finances for in home care

You needn’t know every detail of where your parents stand financially. However, it’s still important that,

  • Your parent has gathered all necessary information
  • Your parent has shared the details of where he has kept all important papers
  • All the details of how assets have been divided have been shared with you
  • Prepared to deal with incapacity if needed
  • Shared all necessary details so you can provide quality care for patients for all elderlies in the family

Another important aspect of providing care for patients under treatment is choosing the right care option.


Deciding on the Health Care Option

Here are factors you should consider when you choose a care option.

  • How you see your parents aging
  • What your parents’ current health status is and what it’s expected to be.
  • What the family health history ?
  • What types of care others in the family have needed.
  • What the potential long term care costs are.
  • What type of care your parents might need (whether in home care shall work or not).
  • How you are to pay for the care
  • Who the care provider shall be
  • Whether you are financially capable of supporting long term care for your parents


It’s best that you discuss everything about parent care. Providing care for patients needing regular treatment is costly. Therefore, financial planning is a must. Keep communication with your parents open so you can deal with emerging situations smoothly.


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